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Discuss the idea of social pressure as it relates to the concepts and experiment/situations discussed in Milgram’s book.

English 1 this term will be a 5-page (Five FULL pages) Explanatory essay, using only the provided sources Q: Social pressures are prevalent in society as well as in the circumstances discussed in Milgram’s book. Discuss the idea of social pressure as it relates to the concepts and experiment/situations discussed in Milgram’s book. ONLY the provided Milgram text should be used for this essay. Other sources should not be included. Your essay must be based on and include quotes from ONLY Milgram’s book-no outside research. Your essay should include quotes: At least 4 quotes from the source(s) should be used to support your thesis. The quotes should be used to support your thesis, not to summarize a section of the book. Any quote, paraphrase, or area containing summary should be cited properly. For citation methods for this essay, please see below (A Works Cited page is not required): Example of quote format for Milgram: quote would go here (Milgram 26). OR Milgram writes, quote would go here” (26). *Note that you are welcome to use any variation of the words “states” or “writes” in your lead in phrase (such as reads, asserts, determines, etc.). Make sure to introduce the author and title of the source/article before you start referencing them in your essay. IMPORTANT: Some things to note for writing a formal essay: Avoid personal opinion in a formal writing (such as this essay). Avoid conversational language, such as referring to the reader directly, or using the first-person I or you. Try to develop ideas fully without simply summarizing what happened in the readings. Focus on the concept/ thesis for your discussion. Your essay should use the two sources to prove your thesis while providing your own analysis to link ideas. Remember to discuss quotes or areas of summary with your own analysis of how it supports the thesis. Let the reader know why that particular piece of information was important to prove your thesis. This essay should be written and formatted according to MLA guidelines, which includes: Typed, double-spaced 12-point font, Times New Roman 1-inch margins on all sides Your last name and page number in the right header A unique title for your essay, centered at the top of the first page (12-point font) Your first and last name, the course title (English 1), your instructor’s last name (Ulibarri) and the essay due date should be placed in the top left of the first page according to MLA format guidelines. *Please include Engl1_your last name_Essay1 as the file name. please underline topic sentence and thesis statement. this two is the link of the book that you need to use in the assignment