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Does this meet the assumption of Homoscedasticity? Explain.

A researcher is comparing the ability to perform different reading/writing abilities. The dataset contains four dependent variables: reading comprehension, copy word, composition, and write word. The independent variable is ability (1=low, 2=medium and 3=high). Raven refers to Raven Standard Progression Matrices (similar to an IQ test, which was used to conduct the pretest). Your task: 1) State the research hypotheses. 2) Perform MANOVA for this data set. Does this meet the assumption of Homoscedasticity? Explain. Are there significant differences between individuals in the three groups (i.e., low, medium, and high ability) with respect to their reading comprehension, ability to copy words, composition, and writing words? Provide support. 3) Perform a MANCOVA for this data set. Include the Raven test as covariate. Describe the results, including pertinent tables. Compare these results with the MANOVA test. Explain any differences.