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Employees Experience and Perception of Sexual Harassment in the Organization

Research Proposal Research Proposal 20%Due Date:November 23rdat 11:59 pm ECAssignment Description and InstructionsFor this assignment,you will submit a PracticumProposal related to your ProjectReport or Research Project Practicumfor a study of a workplace issue or problem that you have identified as existing in a reputable organisation in the Caribbean regionor internationally. The Practicum Proposalwill be submitted at the end of Part 1 of MGMT 3116, priorto the commencementof the proposed project itself. This Practicum Proposalshould explainthe background, problem or issue, purpose and rationale for the study. Inaddition, itshould pose a focused research question (or hypothesis) to be addressed thatdescribes the perspective from which you will approach the study of the problem. The Rationale and further breakdown of the research questionswill be included, as will your literature review. You will describe what the authors of your key resources wrote that connected their research to your topic area. The administrative structure of theinstitution,the principal officers with whom the learner will interact, the name,position and qualifications and experience profile of the proposed on-site mentor ofthe practicum experience. In your paper,you will also propose a research design for collecting andanalysing your data (you will add more detail to this part of your project whenyou are preparing to carry out the actual project work in Part 2). Practicum Proposal Word limit: 4000 words.[Wordlimit is to be strictly adhered]This word limit does not include your title page, table of contents, diagrams,charts, tables, list of references or appendices.The course material and your Supervisors will support your learning about these different sections of the Practicum Proposalas you move through the course. Note:Your PracticumProposal must be approvedbefore you can start your Project Report or Research Project Practicum in MGMT 3116 Part 2in Semester II