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explain and analyze how “meaning” is derived from the story by the author’s implementation of a literary element.

Please read he short story:”How is a literary element–such plot, character, setting, diction, or theme–represented in a short story?”I have attached some of the assignments that have been written for it earlier, and you can use some of it in this final paper but please, it will need it to be edited and correct. I would like a well though out thesis and points that support it.Analyze literature for a purposeDistinguish digital or print materials through annotation to demonstrate reading and summary skillsIdentify a literary element–such as plot, setting, character, diction, or theme–in a short storyIdentify one to three examples in the story that support the thesisWrite a thesis that clearly states your interpretation of the “meaning” (significance) the story based upon evidence related to the literary element you have selected to examine in the storyWrite clear topic sentences for paragraphs that let the reader know what each paragraph of the body of the paper will discussWrite paragraphs that explain how the examples from the story support the thesisArrange a paper by presenting paragraphs in a coherent, purposeful mannerWrite sentences in standard American English that clearly express ideasDemonstrate the MLA style of formatting in the layout of a paperDemonstrate the MLA style of formatting by documenting material from the story within the paper and on a Works Cited pageExplain in a clear and logical fashion what you have learned about your writingHints: Remember that your reader has read the story and is familiar with it; extensive summary is not useful. Rather, explain and analyze how “meaning” is derived from the story by the author’s implementation of a literary element. Note that the paper is to be about the story, not the author, so repeated references to the author are unnecessary and ill advised.Special Hint about Plot: Be aware that a paper analyzing a piece of literature is NOT a plot summary. Summary, if you must have it, should provide only details necessary to identify parts of the story required to develop the paper, no longer than three to four sentences.Reflection on your Writing Process: Following the Work Cited list of the paper, provide two or three paragraphs explaining what you are learning about the writing process. Also note two features that you would like feedback on, such as the thesis statement and topic sentences.