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Explain similarities and differences between the United States and Russia

Hint Be sure the topic you select as points of comparison and contrast are related to our studies of US history since the Civil War For your annotated bibliography, answer the following questions – “What are the main arguments? What is the point of this book or article? What topics are covered? If someone asked what this article/book is about, what would you say?” Also address how YOU will use the source in your assignment. The length of your annotations should be one paragraph for each of your sources for a total of at least three sources.Be sure to submit well-written, relevant, quality, scholarly, correctly-formatted sources.) A paragraph should be 5-8 sentences long. Your paragraph should paraphrase or summarize your sources in your own words. Be sure to use at least three reputable, scholarly references. (Please note that submitting more sources does not automatically guarantee a higher grade. All annotations and entries must be of high quality and must follow the appropriate format). One of the references should be your textbook for this class.(American history, vol 2 ninth concise custom edition by Rebecca Edwards et al) or i can give you my e text book username and password if you do not have access to the textbook One of the references must be a scholarly journal article. No more than one of the references should be an encyclopedia entry. (This means you must consult a thorough encyclopedia, which provides long articles written by field experts.) Do not use web sites like Wikipedia, Hubpages,, and They are quick and easy, but they are not credible and scholarly. Cite your sources using Chicago styled notation. Feel free to ask me any questions, i have to turn this assignment in by Sunday