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ESSAY AND REFERENCING STYLE: MHRAThis essay is supposed to be a critical essay with a reflective angle. The critical part would be the main focus; the reflective part is not necessary from your end. I will break down the contents of the essay in the order it needs to be written in:1. Introduction – I have already written this part (attached in the files), but you are free to edit it.2. Emotional vs Physical pain: Write about how important emotional pain is to any work of art, and how common and subconsciously used it is in comparison to physical pain. Include a couple of differences between how the two of them have been used in literature over the years and how the former is easier to write than the latter. (please refer to different writers and their works).3. Main part: The essay is about the use and description of physical pain in fiction over the years, how various writers over the years have used physical pain as a successful tool in their story to elevate the story to greater heights, and the different writing techniques they have used to do so. You can also mention other people from the world of art that have used pain as an important part of their work, like performance artist Marina Abramovic. Then, talk about the difficulty of remaining fresh and original while describing physical pain, not running into cliches or become boring with the mundane descriptions of physical pain (physical pain descriptions need to be very specific, at the same time maintaining a poetic/artistic quality to it), and pushing the limitations of pain (mention which writers have done so). (Here is a link of an article that covers all the points. But please do not write anything from this article, just take the concept. LINK: Conclusion: Conclude it with a short paragraph by using the title of the essay and writing something on the lines of it. Make it up.5. References: MHRA STYLE: Mention all the sources in the bibliography, and include every source you have used in the essay on the bottom of the respective page.