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Financier Jeffrey Epstein case opinion

First Corrections Writing Assignment Your first writing assignment focuses on a serious case in a super secure Federal Jail in New York City operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. . You will read news reports that have drawn national fire and attention in a case involving a man accused of many serious sexually oriented crimes alledegly involving under age young women. – the death of a man in a Virginia Jail. The case had serious arrest/law enforcement concerns but our focus is Corrections and the Jail side of the entire issue. Think Corrections and the correctional system when reviewing the case and when writing your 1000 word narrative essay. The case is discussed in the following media article and in scores of other reports as the case is drawing national and international attention: You do not have to be an expert in the field of Corrections. I want you to read the article or any other articles on this case and prepare an essay of 1000 words – not to exceed 1025 words. This is not a purely research paper. This is an essay where you will ensure I know the basic facts and then provide your thoughts on this matter.There is no right or wrong answer unless you fail to read anything about the matter. This is a writing assignment based on a real world case in Corrections that is before us at this time. Your grade counts 10% of your final grade. I want you to build quality writing skills.You will use these skills as our work develops throughout the course.The Syllabus notes this assignment is due on September 21st at 6:00 PM and must be submitted through Blackboard. Half the grade is based on content and information.