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Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Elevator Pitch (15 marks) This is an individual assessment and you are to generate for your new venture, product or service idea a 3-minute pitch. Your pitch should incorporate the idea from Assessment 1 and business plan from Assessment 2. Your pitch will follow the format shown here and an example of the elevator pitch presentation can be viewed on There are several other excellent examples on YouTube. 2) 5 minute speech (700 words roughly) you are to record a 5-minute self-reflection video and upload to video submission portal under assignment 3. Important to provide a critical reflection of the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur by engaging some of the concepts learned during the course. The critical self-reflection should captured the change in mindset before and after completing the unit. This self-reflection video, using whatever creative methods you like, must address thefollowing questions: – How do you feel you have performed in this subject? – Are you now more likely or less likely to pursue a career as an entrepreneur? Why? – What did you discover or learn that surprised you about entrepreneurship? – When reflecting on where you are now compared to where you were at the beginning of this trimester, what changes have you observed in yourself?