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Getting College Students to Drink More Water

This is a teaching assignment where I am to choose a type of behavior change (drinking more water) and pick an audience (college students) to present the information to. The instructor gave a template of the assignment, which I will attach with further instructions.

1a) DESIGN Worksheets 1 & 2
Worksheet Step 1: Decide behavior change or action goal
Select a group to teach a nutrition lessons
o Please begin as soon as possible speaking to potential site to do you nutrition education presentation.

o Think about what population you are interested in designing a nutrition education program

Pre-Assessment: Ideally we would like to create a formula evaluation tool for group to complete prior to planning our education session so that we know the level of knowledge and topics of interest. However, this is most often not practical and for the purpose of this project we do not want to burden our volunteer group. Instead try to briefly ask the groups organizer a few questions to better understand your audience.
o Please review Worksheets steps 1 & 2 to see what information that would be helpful to gather about your group to complete your worksheets.
o When you speak to your groups organizer you will need to ask them:
What topic they feel most appropriate for your group? Be prepared with some suggestions in case they do not have a topic in mind.
After choosing your topic with the group organizer, ask them about what knowledge level they feel their group is on the topic or if there is anything in particular they were like to be included in the presentation
Ask about the groups demographics and environment. (see step 2)
Ask any other pertinent questions that will help you create an appropriate presentation for your selected group.
o When you complete Worksheet Step 1, include applicable information in the section What can you learn about your specific audience? Please note the difference than the previous section What can you learn about your audience in general? which is based on a literature review about your group. This information will also be need for Worksheet Step 2.

Literature Review: In the worksheet section: What can you learn about your audience in general?, it is expected that you conduct a literature review to further explore what the research can inform you about your audience.
o Questions to think about while looking for studies are:
Are there nutrition or health concerns that are prevalent in your selected population?
What have been successful education strategies?
What have been successful education programs?
Are there other community and societal issues that may impact nutrition, health and access to food?

Worksheet Step 2: Explore determinants of behavior change or actions.