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How does virtual memory extend the memory available to applications?

InstructionsSearch the Internet to find two tutorials on virtual memory as it is used in modern workstations, servers, or mobile devices. The tutorials could be in written form or videos similar to the Messer (2012) video included in this module’s instructional resources.Write a short paper comparing the tutorials you identified. Explain which tutorial you preferred based upon how it helped you answer the following questions:1. How does virtual memory extend the memory available to applications?2. What are the drawbacks of a page fault when a virtual memory page is not resident?A complete paper will include:1. The answers to the above questions2. A description of the tutorial that best helped you answer those questions and why you preferred it3. Any challenges you are having with understanding virtual memory. If you are having difficulty, you can simply write a paragraph or two about any areas of virtual memory you still do not understand and your plan for how you will master those areas. If you are confident in what you have learned, use that portion of your paper to talk about any benefits of virtual memory you found.Video Link: