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How he overcame ridicule and positively influenced many lives

Introduction, 4 body paragraphs, Conclusion (see attachments for specifics number of supporting sentences, setup, etc)Graeme Clark’s invention of the multichannel cochlear implant (who, what, when,why, how)How does the cochlear implant work (not too technical so it’s understandable for jr high readers–cochlear america’s website might be a good resource)How Graeme Clark was treated poorly by the “field of science” in general during his time of inventing, experimenting, etcHow the cochlear implant positively affects people who have it and Graeme Clarks accomplishments, rewards, awards, recognitions since the negativity from others early in his careerConclusion (see attachment for specifics)Sources- See attachments for specifics and here are some that may be usefulClark, Graeme Mibourne, Sounds from Silence: Graeme Clark and the bionic ear story, Allen & Unwin, Crow’s Nest, NSW 2000Encyclopedia of Australian Science 2015 email with questions, thank you