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“How the Ethic Community apply in Business”.

Please let write 5 pages for the essay and 1 page for outline.the essay must answer these question:1. How does ethics play a role in this topic?2. What are some ethical dilemmas associated with this topic?3. How might one make ethical decisions relative to this topic?4. Provide examples, directly or indirectly relative to ethics and the topic5. Provide your opinion on the topic.Requirement for both essay and outline:1. A title page2. A bibliography with at least two references3. Cannot have more than15% Plagiarism (please see definition in Instructor’s policies of syllabus)4. A thesis statement which defines the purpose of the paper5. An introduction, body and conclusionI upload my outline I already done, but You can follow your idea (just show it for my new outline)Pls text me if you need more detail (do not call)Thank you