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How will evaluate your project to determine if the goal was reached achieve?

You have accepted a position as school nurse at a public middle school where seventy five percent (75%) of
the children are either overweight or obese. In your role, you decide that one of your goals for the year is to
significantly improve the student health status by implementing a weight loss initiative. When describing the
proposed weight loss initiative, please identify the change theory that guides your plan, the phases of the change
theory, strategies utized to implement the plan, facilitators and barriers that were addressed, and plans to
communicate/celebrate your outcomes. The paper should be no more than 5 pages. Use APA format. Two (2)
references, other than your text, are required. The references must be current (5 yrs old or less). Read chapters in
your text related to these topics prior to writing your paper. Use headings for each section of the paper. Submit this
guide With your project

1. Identify the change theory you plan to use

2. Select a change theory to use for this project.
3. Discuss the phases of the theory
4. Apply change theory to the above situation.
5. Identify actual or potential barriers
6. Identify actual or potential facilitators
7. Discuss your plan and the strategies you plan to
implement to reach your goal
8. How will evaluate your project to determine if the goal
was reached achieve?
9. How will you sustain the results over time
10. Develop a power point to disseminate findings