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IBS Survey of the Book of John

Read through the Gospel of John at least two to three times at one sitting. Then, follow the general procedure for IBS as presented in the textbook (79-142) and in the lecture. 1) Identify the General and the Specific Materials of John, giving a brief and unique title to each chapter. 2) Locate and identify the main units and sub-units in the book and specify the major structural relationships at work in John (those that control at least 50% of the book) 3) For each major structural relationship identified, ask a few interpretive questions including definitional, rational, and implicational questions. 4) Identify and note the key verses and strategic areas that provide insight into the book as a whole, and provide connections between the verses and the major structural relationships previously identified. 5) From the text alone, note data which inform the higher critical areas such as author, place and circumstances of John, unity of the book, etc. 6) Note other major impressions relating to the book as a whole..