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As the number of problems have grown over the past decade, the many constituencies of the higher education enterprise have searched for stronger managers and visionary leaders to address these issues. It is not enough to only be an administrator or only be a leader. Colleges and universities need leaders and managers who can turn their visions into reality. In some situations, it becomes difficult to separate an administrators role as leader and administrator, since most leaders also must manage and most managers must lead. Predicated on these differences, develop a report in current APA format that addresses some of the major leadership issues confronting higher education today. (5 Scholarly References). Things to remember: 1-There is a clear discussion on the comparisons, pros/cons of a leader verses a manager with examples. Visionary leadership is described and examples are given. 2-Writing shows insight and understanding and is well documented with sources from interviews and literature. 3-Strong, interesting; clear beginning, middle, and end; strong thesis that is marked on submission. 4-Fresh/vivid; contributes to voice; third person is used consistently throughout; “to be” verbs are not used.