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Military and Veteran clinicians attitudes about mental and physical health prevention: What is their confidence in the military to identify high risk service members before an incident occurs?

I. Introduction (2 pages)
a. Description of problem/question to be investigated
b. Significance of problem and the rationale for studying it
c. Purpose of proposed study
II. Literature review (5 pages)
a. Summary of previous studies
b. Identified gaps in the literature what do we/dont we know at this time?
c. Theoretical/conceptual basis for proposed study
d. Statement of research question(s)/hypothesis(es) to be addressed in your study
III. Methodology (5 pages)
a. Proposed research design and data collection procedures
b. Sampling design, description of proposed sample
c. Description of plan to protect human subjects
d. Description of data collection procedures and instruments (operational definitions of all variables, instrument reliability and validity information)
e. Plan for data analysis and use of data
IV. Discussion (3 pages)
a. Expected findings
b. Application to practice, implications for future practice
c. Weaknesses and limitations of proposed study
V. References: at least 8 of which should come from social work-related journals (if possible)
VI. Appendices: copies of instruments, cover letters, informed consent forms, other relevant information