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Modelling Security Risk

You are to develop a security risk model and using this model, assess risks cognisant of the supplied raw data. The supplied data provides, in part, a Case Study Scenario (The Smith-Brooks Corporation) where you facilitated a group session to gather the following data: 1. Threat Statement (from your Assignment 1) 2. List of identified Risks, generated in the Case Study Scenario group brainstorming session (see the Excel sheet). 3. Risk Analysis Data, with raw risk data from each person within the group (see the Excel sheet). Your task is to develop and present a security risk model. Once developed, apply the supplied raw risk data to assess and communicate the risk. You are to include, where appropriate, all necessary formulas, tables, spread sheets, etc., to be able to effectively communicate the risk. Total Weight: 30% Word length: 1,000 to 2,000 words (not including figures or tables) Due Date: Week 13, Monday 11.59pm