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one article review, or summary will be in favor of an issue, and the other article will take an opposing view.

From these selected topics (2), one article review, or summary will be in favor of an issue, and the other article will take an opposing view. For example, if the selected social issue (article) has to do with drug screening food stamp recipients, the other selected article review will take an opposing view. After the 4 article summaries have been completed, you will then provide your own personal view on each topic you selected. These 4 article summaries in addition the 2 personal perspectives or views (6 in total) will be turn in on schedule date as indicated on course outline. The article review format will be provided, or you can type a half to no more than a page (two or three paragraphs) summary on each social issue (article). The additional (2) personal views will also be prepared in no less than half a page or nor longer than )1) page.

You may search appropriate and credible websites, look through a newspaper or a news magazine such as Time or Newsweek. Select articles that are related to a social welfare issue. Consider the following questions when summarizing the article. How is the issue presented? Does the discussion seem relevant to the social work practice? How does this issue affect you, your family, and your friends? What needs of individuals are presented? Who needs help? Who is receiving help? What societal needs are presented? What kind of help is needed? Is help being provided? Were there any CONFLICTS presented and if so, explain and elaborate.

Make sure your (4) article summaries are identified by their title, authors name and name of journal and are well developed, typewritten, double-spaced, and with correct grammar/spelling.


Abortion, the death penalty, Immigration reform, Deportation of Immigrants, Dreamers, Building the Wall to Prevent Immigrants from Coming into the U.S. increase minimum wage, drug screening food stamp recipients, does welfare create dependency? Social security benefits (welfare? Or social insurance?), Headstart, food stamps, Is poverty still an issue in America? Are children going to bed hungry in America, Obama Care, should it be repealed, or not? Should Marijuana be legalized? Gun control? Should anchor babies lose their birth rights & be deported? Should Plan Parenthood be defunded?, Should social security s retirement age be raised? Should Medicare be privatized? Welfare abuse? Are single women with children, welfare queens?, teenage pregnancy, birth control, same sex marriage, Liberal versus conservatism, The Black Lifes Matters Movement, The Me Too Movement, Climate Change, Should the confederate flag be removed?, etc., etc.