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Part of group report on Netflix (strategic implementation issues & Strategic evaluation)

This paper contains lots of information searching before doing it. This is a group report and the company we chose is Netflix. You need to do the following analysis base on Netflix’s resent 5 year’s performance and annual report. Below are the exact contents you need to write on: 1. Strategic implementation issues (about 500 words on this section) What are the major strategic implementation issues confronting your organisation as it actions its business-level and international strategies? To address this question you need to use the McKinsey 7S Plus model of the 16 key areas a CEO must focus upon to support effective implementation of strategy. You should identify and discuss only the 3 or 4 strategic implementation issues you consider to be the most important. You may include in this discussion specific areas of strategy implementation your organisation is addressing particularly well, in addition to issues/ areas that hinder strategy implementation. Areas that frequently give rise to strategic implementation issues include: Poor/ inappropriate business level strategic plans? Not enough/ too many staff? Not having the right staff skill sets to implement strategies? Wrong culture to embrace strategies? Poor CEO and/ or senior management leadership? Lack of or inappropriate systems? Lack of innovation (compared to competitors)? Failure to properly use IT, including the Internet, to underpin strategy implementation? Lack of knowledge management systems to retain/ use knowledge? Inadequate finance; excessive gearing? Failure to protect/ use IP? Legal issues hindering strategy implementation? Inability to use M&A tool successfully? Inability to use strategic alliance tool successfully? Other major strategic implementation issues? For each strategic implementation issue selected, you need to discuss why it is a major issue and how it should be rectified (if it can be). Overall conclusion: What are the key issues hindering or promoting strategic implementation and why? What are the impacts of these issues on strategic implementation? 2. Strategic evaluation (around 300 words on this section) Overall, how well do you feel your organisation is performing? In particular, how well is your organisation achieving its strategic objectives? You need to evaluate your organisations performance using a balanced scorecard or triple bottom line reporting approach. (which is Social justice, Financial and Environmental bottom line) In the Financial bottom line, you prabably have to attach a diagram in order to analyse