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Principles of Integrated Treatment

1. Review Chapter 2 Principles of Integrated Treatment2. Define/Explain Integrated Treatment (IT)3. Define/Explain Traditional Sequentia treatment4. Define/Explain Parallel treatment5. Compare and contrast these two approaches to treatment, including the strengths and limitations of each6. What does comprehensiveness mean as related to IT?7. Why is assertiveness an important principle in IT?8. Why is the reduction of negative consequences important in IT?9. Why is a long term perspective an important part of IT?Text: Mueser, K., Noordsky, D., Drake, R., Fox, L. (2003). Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders. A Guide to Effective Treatment. New York. New York. The Guilford Press.Note. This class is for Human Services Major and attached are from the textbook chapter 2 ‘Principles of Integrated Treatment.’Please use the provided textbook as your only source.