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Dorsey, P. (2015). Top ten reasons why systems projects fail. Harvard Business School, 1-9.

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As noted earlier, you should also use material from the Background Readings or related other materials you find yourself (be sure to reference properly whatever specific sources you draw on), as well as the PPR Wiki (please do remember the cautionary note about the use of wiki resources)

Case Assignment
In a 4- to 5-page paper, answer the question:

“To what degree is it really possible to meaningfully manage risks in project management?”

In answering your question you may want to consider:

What is project failure?
How can the risk of project failure be reduced?
What are the costs of protecting against project failure?
What factors lead to project success?
Assignment Expectations (50 points total)
Length: Follows the number of pages required in the assignment (excluding cover page and references). Each page should have about 300 words.

Your assignment will be evaulated based on the Rubric.

The following items will be assessed in particular:
Your ability to apply your understanding of complex issues involved in the case question.
Your support for assertions using examples, citations (use Required Reading), and elaboration to support assertions. Evidence that you have read the required background materials.
Explanation of the dynamics of a working project
Description of the major factors leading to project failure/ success.
Evidence of your thinking about the issues, and going beyond the obvious to develop an analysis reflecting your own critical thinking. (Note: This is discussed in Welcome Message and module Home pages).