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Must answer all questions. Each subheading should be a new paragraph and the questions that follow should be answered in paragraph form from the article provided. 3 pages minimum NO OUTSIDE SOURCE NEEDED 1. Problem Statement/Purpose: a. State the problem directly from the article. b. Does the problem statement clearly identify the independent and dependent variables? Identify the variables. c. Does it imply empirical testability? d. Is the population specified within the problem statement? e. Is the problem relevant to nursing? f. State the purpose. 2. Review of the Literature: a. Are the independent and dependent variables adequately reviewed? b. Are strengths and weaknesses of each study included in the review? c. Does the literature provide linkages between the variables? d. Does the review include conceptual and data-based literature? e. Are mainly primary sources used? f. Are the sources current? g. Is there a synthesis summary of the reviewed literature? h. Are conceptual and operational definitions clearly identified? i. Are gaps or inconsistencies identified? 3. Theoretical Framework: a. Is the theoretical framework clearly identified? b. Is the theoretical framework consistent with the conceptual definitions? c. Is the theoretical framework based on a nursing theory? 4. Hypotheses/Research Question: a. Are the hypotheses/research questions clearly identified? b. State the hypotheses/research questions. c. Do the hypotheses/research questions clearly relate to the research problem? d. Do the hypotheses/research questions express a predicted relationship between the variables? e. Are the hypotheses/questions supported by the literature review? f. If research questions are used, are they used appropriately? 5. Design: a. What type of design is used in the study? b. Does the design control for threats to the internal validity of the study? If so, how? c. Are threats to the external validity taken into consideration? If so, how? 6. Sample: a. How was the sample selected? Was a probability or non-probability method used? b. What kind of bias, if any, was introduced by this method? c. To what extent is the sample representative of the population? d. Are eligibility criteria and delimitations clearly identified? e. Is the sample size adequate? f. How was the sample size determined? g. Are there indications that the rights of the subjects have been insured? 7. Data Collection: a. Are data collection instruments clearly identified? b. Is the method appropriate for the problem being studied? c. Are data collection procedures similar for all subjects? d. Are instruments reliable and valid? Was reliability and validity established prior to the study? e. What methods were used to test reliability and validity? 8. Data Analysis: a. Was the level of measurement appropriate for the statistics used? b. What descriptive statistics were reported? c. What inferential statistics were reported? d. Were the inferential statistics used appropriate for the hypothesis? e. Is the level of significance reported? f. Is the reliability reported for the current study? 9. Analysis of Findings/Discussion: a. Were the hypotheses/research questions supported? b. Are results interpreted in the context of the problem, hypothesis, and theoretical framework? c. Are any generalizations made? d. Are any unwarranted interpretations of causality made? e. Do charts, graphs, and tables support the text? 10. Conclusions, Implications, Recommendations: a. Are the results summarized in a clear concise manner? b. Are the results supported by the literature? c. Are the limitations of the study identified? Give examples. d. Are implications for nursing practice identified? Give examples. e. Are recommendations for future research discussed? Give examples.