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Reflective essay about a Christian Church visit OR essay about own Christian church worship service

This assignment requires you to attend a worship service at a Christian church, interview a person from the church you visited, and write a response essay. This assignment contributes to the class discussion and understanding of the Christian community today.

OR if you are Christian – write about your own experience, worshhip service and personally answer the questions listed below.

Select a Christian Church
Select a Christian church and attend a worship service there. If you are Protestant, you should try to attend a Catholic or Orthodox service, and vice versathe goal is a worship experience quite different than the one you are used to (if you regularly attend a church). Students may enjoy visiting the church of a fellow cohort or class member, or going together with a cohort or class member.

Do an Interview
Arrange to interview a person from the church you are visiting, and enter their responses to the questions below. Submit the interview results along with your Response Essay for full credit for this assignment.

1. Church Name:
2. Date of Visit:
3. Name/position of person interviewed:
4. Explain the order of service and purpose of gathered worship in this church (order of service includes what happened during the service in its particular order, purpose identifies the reason for that happening) NOTE: if you have questions about what you have seen or what you expect to see, ask them! For example, why a rock band, or why do people dip their hands in the water and cross themselves, etc.
5. What is the identified mission of the church?
6. What are some of the main programs/activities of the church?
7. What are some of the key issues facing the church?
8. Additional notes/comments:

Write the Response Essay
Write a 3-4 page response essay that describes in some detail the worship service attended (music, order of service, use of space, atmosphere, etc.) and that compares this experience to your own previous (or ongoing) experience of worship service, and/or to your expectations.