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“Religion as a Dimension of Men’s spiritual life”,”Alone on the hill top”,”Bruce Lincoln- Theses on Method”

In a well-written essay of 1200-1500 words (4-5 pages), answer the following questions: “How would Paul Tillich understand the significance of Lame Deer’s experience recounted in his essay “Alone on the Hilltop”? What elements of Lame Deer’s essay would he draw attention to? What key concept in “Religion as a Dimension of Man’s Spiritual Life” would Tillich find at work in Lame Deer’s religious experience? How, by contrast, would Bruce Lincoln approach Lame Deer’s essay? What questions would he ask of it? How would he challenge or critique Tillich’s approach?” Finally, which (if any) of these approaches to Lame Deer’s experience do you find preferable? Which would you criticize, and how?” Essays should be written in 12 point, standard fonts with 1″ margins and double spaced. For full credit, submit them in pdf format