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Research: The Power of Language and Labels: ‘The Mentally Ill’ Versus ‘People With Mental Illnesses’.

Your response must be typed, doubled spaced in 12 font size on 4 – 7 pages (including main text only) with margins set to 1 inch. Your analysis paper needs to adhere to the APA style guidelines. Your completed analysis paper should include: (1) a title page, (2) a summary (or abstract) of your critique (a maximum of 250 words, the abstract should be a single paragraph that follows the title page, written on a separate page), (3) main text, and (4) references (on a separate page). You can refer to the APA format template to write your paper (the yellow highlights include the explanation of APA format, you need to remove the yellow highlights and add your own words. Please also replace the Headings to headings that pertains to your paper, such as Research Problem and Research Questions. You may only need two levels of headings for your paper). Note. Do not write this paper in a question and answer format. Headings can be used in the critique to improve readability (See p. 62 or 3.03 Levels of Heading of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). Questions to address in the quantitative analysis paper Your analysis paper should address all the following questions: a. What is (are) the research problem(s) addressed in the study? b. What is (are) the importance of the research problem (s)? c. What is (are) the purpose statement(s)? d. What is (are) the research question(s)? e. Choose one of the research questions and identify the independent variable and the dependent variable (including control variables, moderating variables, and intervening variables, if applicable) in the research question. f. How well does the literature review lead to the research questions? g. Describe the sampling procedure in the study. Is (are) the author(s) of the article aware of any problems in this procedure? How are the problems addressed? h. Describe reliability and validity evidences of the instruments. i. Are there any considerations that arose in the data collection and processing (e.g., missing data, suspected cheating, standard administration of instruments was not followed)? j. Describe the analysis procedures, including what statistical analyses were conducted (e.g., regression analyses, analyses of covariance, independent-samples t tests). Does (do) the author(s) provide justification of the appropriateness of the statistical tests? k. What is (are) the major finding(s)? l. What conclusion(s) is (are) drawn? Are the conclusions supported by the data? Does (do) the author(s) answer all the research questions? m. If you were the researcher, how would you improve the study? Be specific.