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Schizophrenia and Down Syndrome

PSYC 4213 Physiological Psychology and NeuroscienceDr. Carol ArmstrongIntroduction(This is a short paragraph to introduce your topic and how you will address your topic. You might also include information on why it is important to learn about this topic.)Genetics(Discuss what genetic information may or may not be present in this disorder. What is the heritability of the disorder? You might use twin studies to demonstrate your discussion?)Age, Gender, and Ethnicity(Discuss what age this disorder first presents symptoms. What does the research say regarding frequency in males or females? Why would it be different based on gender? Are there certain ethnic groups that are more prone to this disorder? Why?)Affected Areas of the Brain(Discuss the areas of the brain that would be affected in this disorder, what functions those areas control and how that would have an effect on the individual with this disorder)Physical Appearance(What physical changes may be present at birth or may take place over time.)Developmental Delays(This section discusses the cognitive changes that may be present or take place over time)Current Suggested Treatment(There may be several treatments for your disorder. You should at least mention them but focus on the most recognized treatment. The treatment may include medication and cognitive therapy. When discussing the treatment explain why it works including how it affects the brain)References(You will need a minimum of three peer reviewed references in addition to references from your text. References must be in APA format, on a separate page)