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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Movie and Book Evaluation

Write an eight hundred (800) to nine hundred (900) word evaluation of a television show, movie, music release, restaurant, museum, or another source of entertainment that we discuss as a topic in class. Use Chapter 16 of The Norton Field Guide to guide the evaluation writing process. Notice that The Norton Field Guide presents two possible ways to organize an evaluation on page 209. Use your choice of one of those as a guide.A primary source and two secondary sources are required for this assignment. The primary source is the subject of your evaluation (a show, movie, music title; a restaurant or museum website). The secondary sources should be used to support your ideas, and to offer an opposing opinion for fairness and balance, but you may refute the opposing opinion. Use MLA documentation style, with in-text citations and a works cited page, for sources used.Double-space the typed essay in Times New Roman twelve-point sized font. Follow MLA formatting style. See Chapter 54, “MLA Style” in The Norton Field Guide.On Thurs., 9/5, bring a written thesis statement on a narrowed topic, with at least three criteria, to class for discussion.