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What are Russia’s interest in Asia since the collapse of the USSR? (in a regional context of East Asia)

The paper should answer the following key aspects:What does Russia want?How does Moscow see Asia and Russia’s place in it?What are the main challenges facing Russian foreign policy in Asia?How does Russia envisage global governance in the 21st century within Asia?Has Russia entered a post-imperialist stage?Has Russia ‘turned to the East’?What is the nature of the Sino-Russian relationship?What sort of relationship does Russia want with Asia?What are Russia’s prospects in the emerging international system within Asia?The paper should have a cover page, with (1) a title highlighting the main theme of the work; (2) a 150-word abstract (not required for the policy brief), summarizing the main thesis/argument;The font size of the main text equivalent to Times New Roman 12 and line spacing of 1.5, with 1.5-inch marginsPage number and total pages (i.e., p.2 of 11) on the footer of each pageWord count at the end of the last pageThe words limit is 3000 (excluding footnotes and bibliography)The paper is expected to have an introduction of the research question, a discussion of the scholarly context for the question, key parts of the empirical investigation and logical argument on the question, and a conclusion that summarizes your argument/findings.The paper will be assessed on whether you have clearly articulated your research question, organized material logically to support your arguments, demonstrated your knowledge on the topic and your understanding of the broad literature on the question, and written in a style that is clear to follow and effective on your points.