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What are the consequences of noncompliance with treatment regimens and what patient education is needed?

For each of the following medications discuss mechanism of action, causes and consequences of noncompliance, and possible solutions for noncompliance. Lasix beta blockers diltiazem digoxin Choose four medications that might be used for the treatment of heart failure. Discuss the pathophysiologic mechanism of action for each medication, along with side effects and interactions. What are the consequences of noncompliance with treatment regimens and what patient education is needed? In commercials for inhalers containing salmeterol, there is often a warning that it can increase the risk of asthma-related death. Why is this true and how does it happen? Why is this warning heard in commercials for all medications containing salmeterol? What patient education is necessary when prescribing salmeterol inhalers? Paper must contain a introduction that will include something to catch your readers attention, and give a short synapsis of what the entire paper entails (main points discussed). Paper must contain a conclusion one to two paragraphs that support and finalize the thesis argument. Here you will restate your thesis statement/main reason for paper, summarize the main points of the paper FIVE page minimum EXCLUDING the title and reference pages. FOUR recent (references from within the past FIVE years) academic references. Use 3-5 references from within the past 5 years Website resources must come from .org, .gov, or .edu sites (although there are some exceptions .com sites are privately owned and tend to show bias or the data is not monitored- the .com sites which would be exceptions are repositories for peer reviewed articles such as Do NOT start a sentence with a demonstrative pronoun. Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives (This, That, Those, These): This close to the person These plural for these That far from the person Those plural for that 3rd Person, its OK to use 1st person with description of personal experience, DONT USE THIS NURSE or THIS STUDENT WHEN DISCUSSING SELF Every paragraph needs 3 sentences.