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What barriers might exist for Mr. Wang in deciding to accept hospitalization and seek treatment?

Select ONE of the following scenarios and answer questions as your initial post.

Scenario 1: Mr. Wang is a 75 year old first generation Chinese American and lives with his 70 year old Chinese wife. Mr. Wang, speaks very limited English, while his wife speaks only Chinese. Mr. Wang visited a clinic, where he was told by his physician that he had lung cancer. The physician wanted Mr. Wang to be hospitalized for further treatment and chemotherapy. Mr. Wang gave no response.

1. What barriers might exist for Mr. Wang in deciding to accept hospitalization and seek treatment?

2. What concerns might the nurse have regarding a support system for Mr. Wang if he decides to have his lung cancer treated?

3. With the limited English-lanuguage ability of Mr. Wang and his wife, how can a health care professional ensure effective communication?

4. If Mr. Wang prefers traditional Chinese medical treatment, how high the nurse respond?


Scenario 2: Alberto Gonzaga isa 43 year old Cuban American male. He migrated 18 years ago with his wife and 3 year old son. Before he emigrated to the US, Mr. Gonzaga was imprinted in Cuba for political reasons. He did not complete the 20 year sentence imposed by the Castro regime and was released from jail after 12 years for good behavior. He immediately granted a US visa for himself and his family. Since his arrival, her has been an active member of the Republican Party and has participated in the local Miami area in the anti communist movement. his son is now 21 and he still lives with his parents helping them financially. he works full time and pursues a law degree in a local college. There have been several confrontations between Mr. Gonzaga and his son. the new more liberal open era has brought Cuban musicians from the island to perform in public concerts in Miami. Mr. Gonzaga is totally opposed to this. He claims that thee Communist musicians will take our money and our taxes and give it to Castro and prohibits his son from going to the concerts. Alberto states that the music has nothing to do with politics and that many of these musicians are opposed to the regime but this is a way to travel outside of Cuba and earn some money. He confronts his father, telling him. that he is an adult and he will go to the concerts despite his father’s opposition.

1. How different is the Cuban population that migrated 20 years ago compared with those who arrived 5 or 6 years ago?

2. Are the children of the Cubans who arrived in the 1980’s maintaining their traditions? Is their way of thinking the same as their parents?

3. What could be the consequences of the confrontations between Mr. Gonzaga and his son?

4. Is the Castro gov’t still separating the family even outside of Cuba or is this situation just a matter of character?