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What do you really want to know about families and intimate relationships?

What do you really want to know about families and intimate relationships? This assignment asks you to write a short essay of 1-2 pages double-spaced in which you (a) clearly identify one or more thoughtful and specific learning goals for the course and (b) thoughtfully articulate why you’ve selected the learning goals you’ve identified — you may also wish to expand upon your learning goal and/or provide some context.
Please do not bullet point these goals, but write it as part of an essay (they should be very clear however). At the end of the course, you will reflect on these learning goals that you set at the beginning of the course and assess what you’ve learned, so make them realistic. Due 9/6 by 11:59pm.
How To Identify My Learning Goals?
Looking back at your family experiences or those of your friends, are there things you wish you knew more about?
Read through the learning objectives on the syllabus and the table of contents of the text. Are there specific things that you’re really interested in?
What’s the Difference Between a Specific Learning Goal and a Non-Specific Learning Goal?
Hypothetically, let’s say you’re interested in parenthood. Here’s a non-specific goal: “I would like to better understand parenthood.” Here’s a specific goal: “I would like to better understand how race and ethnicity influences how we parent.”
Evaluation Criteria/Expectations
See corresponding grading rubric.
Criterion #1: Quality of writing. Papers should be double-spaced, professionally written (free from spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, proofread).
Criterion #2: Thoughtfulness of your writing. Papers should be demonstrate reflection and thought about things you are genuinely interested in (if you’re not interested in anything why are you taking this class?). Should demonstrate that you’ve spent time thinking about this, and not a last minute rush job — yes I can tell. Papers should also be complete and include both goals and a narrative about the goals.