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What is overtourism and why does it occur? Brief highlighting of a few cases of overtourism.

Major Report Sustainability, sustainable tourism and planning are the keys to a prosperous and long-term future for towns and cities, nations and the world as a whole. In this assignment you are asked to engage with the trending topic of “overtourism”. In our introduction to this course we will consider terms such as sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable tourism and tourism’s contributions to more sustainable futures. You are asked to research and engage with the concerns destinations, communities and tourism policy-makers have with issues of overtourism. In the course, we will discuss possible approaches to this assignment. This report document should be written as a formal report and should be well-presented, proofread and in accordance with scholarly and academic integrity standards. This report may address questions such as: What is sustainable tourism? What is sustainable development? How do these two phenomena relate to each other? What is overtourism and why does it occur? Brief highlighting of a few cases of overtourism. Are these cases of overtourism an indication that sustainable tourism efforts are a failure? Why or why not? What practices and policies might assist in addressing problems of overtourism? Are there places in Australia in danger of experiencing overtourism? Please explain this in some detail. Why is addressing overtourism important in planning for sustainable tourism? More detailed advice will be provided to assist you with this assignment on our learnonline site, during our tutorial sessions and through our discussion forum for this course. The report should be structured with: a title page that has a title for your report, your name and the course cohort to which you are enrolled; a brief but relevant introduction that overviews the focus of the report; a background section explaining the term overtourism and its origins; a discussion section addressing key, relevant issues and cases; an analysis section that applies course concepts to this topic and contains your critical analysis of this topic; a conclusion section which sums up the contents of the report; and a reference section that contains all resources used in the drafting of the report. Remember your key aim is to demonstrate your learning from your hard work and study in this course. This assignment offers you an opportunity to develop practical skills in communicating professionally on tourism policy and planning by analysing real world situations and developing analyses which are practical and applied. It is essential that you use the course resources (textbook, lectures and other reading materials – particularly the journal articles) to develop an informed and effective response to this request for an analysis. Additionally, you will need to undertake some additional research in order to identify the issues associated with overtourism. You are required to use course concepts as tools to develop your own insights and analysis which will demonstrate the attainment of analytical and critical thinking skills.