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Arificial Intellegence


As part of this project, you will be required to write a paper on a new development in information technology that you find interesting or potentially beneficial. You will analyze this development, explain the technology, its benefits, and legal, ethical, and social issues related to it. You will also need to discuss the security aspects of the development and the hurdles that must be overcome to bring it to completion.

Project Objectives

Assess the significance of a new development in information technology
Critically evaluate new development from legal, social, ethical, and security perspectives
Identify and evaluate sources of information on new developments in information technology
Formally research a selected topic, communicate your understanding and appropriately cite your references

Project Requirements

Your research paper will be a MS Word document that will include:

1. Title page in APA style/format containing your full name, course number and section, date, project title, and the following the collegeHonor Code statement.

2. Content pages

The content pages will be in APA style/format. The content will be equivalent to a minimum of 1500 words. The title page is not a content page. Double space the entire paper using 12pt, Times New Roman – the title page, content pages including quotations and notes, and the reference page including annotations. The margins of the paper will be set to Normal, i.e. 1 inch margins. Paragraph setting will be double space with both the “Before” and “After” spacing set to 0 pt. There will be no extra line spaces between paragraphs, and between paragraphs and headings.
Divide the content into sections. You MUST talk about the technology and the legal, ethical and security aspects. Suggested sections and section headings are: introduction, background, potential benefits, legal and ethical issues, security concerns, social problems, further required research, and conclusion. You must have appropriate headings for each section in APA style/format.
Introduction section must summarize the research topic.
The content of the paper must demonstrate understanding of the topic via citations of the reference sources.
References used to develop your understanding of the topic should be appropriately cited within these content pages using APA in-text citation formats.
Each page must have a header. The header should contain the page number and the paper title in accordance with the APA format.

3. Reference Page

The reference page in APA style/format is a separate page in your research paper. This page is in addition to the four to six content pages and the title page. Any direct or indirect reference within the paper to the work of others must be appropriately cited in APA style/format in the text. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism. The reference page should list:

At least six references relevant to research on the chosen topic (minimum)
At least three different reference types required web sites, papers, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, interviews, etc.
For electronic references, you must include the URL as an active link to the source/database and the date you visited the page.
Note: Where a magazine, journal article or book reference has been located via a full-text online database, list the original publication details of the reference AS WELL AS the name of the database, its URL and the date the reference was accessed.

Each reference must be annotated. An annotated bibliography includes a summary and evaluation of each of the sources (e.g. Topics covered in the reference and an assessment on the reliability of the material). Annotations for each source are written in paragraph form. Each annotation must be at least five (5) sentences in length.


Upload your research paper on SafeAssign in Blackboard. Overall, your paper will be in

KEEP CURRENT BACKUPS AT ALL TIMES. “The computer ate my project” will get you sympathy, but no points.


Grading Criteria

Grading Guide
Total Points
(30 Points
per criteria)
Problem Identification
And Purpose
1. Research topic is not identified in the introduction
2. Purpose of the paper is not explained in the introduction
3. Research paper does not evaluate legal, social, ethical, and security perspectives of chosen IT topic
10 Points
10 Points
10 Points
Analysis, Integration, and Conclusion
1. Weak critical thinking and student engagement
2. Paper relies heavily on quotations
3. Lack adequate analysis or insufficient discussion
4. Conclusions could be supported by stronger evidence, or lack of transitions between ideas / arguments
10 Points
5 Points
10 Points

5 Points
1. Content is less than 1500 words of content
2. Header does not include page number or paper title, or paper does not haveheadings and subheadings in the paper
3. No Honor Code Statement with active links on title page (same Honor Code as given above in the instructions)
10 Points

10 Points

10 Points
Quality of References and Citation
1. Does not have at least 3 types of references and 6 references
2. No separate reference page
3. References are not properly cited or not in APA format in body of paper (in-text citations), or references are not properly cited in the reference page and not in APA format, or references are not annotated with 5 sentences
4. Web references do not have visited date or active URL link to the source
10 Points
5 Points

10 Points
5 Points
Mechanics / Style

1. Paper is not in APA Format
2. One or more paragraphs are too long or too short in length
3. Two errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
4. Having additional errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation
10 Points
5 Points
10 Points
5 Points
1. No project submitted
2. Unapproved or inappropriate topic
3. Honor Code violation
4. No grade at this time. See you instructor.

150 points