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Columbia School of Social Work, low gpa

1. Reflecting upon your decision and motivation to pursue the MSW, describe how attending CSSW will enable you to meet your goals as a social worker. What are your immediate and long-term social work goals?

Describe a social problem of significance to you. Please discuss it in regard to societal contributions to the origin of the problem, experiences that have contributed to your identification and understanding of the problem, and possible ways of addressing the problem.

3a. Please refer to our list of essential attributes attached here. Choose two attributes and provide examples as to how you exemplify these traits. Choose one attribute you would like to improve. How will attending the MSW program at CSSW help you in doing so?:
Professional Behavior
The social work student must behave professionally by knowing and practicing within the
scope of social work, adhering to the professions code of ethics, respecting others, being
punctual and dependable, prioritizing responsibilities, and completing assignments on time.

The social work student must know how ones values, attitudes, beliefs, emotions and past
experiences affect ones thinking, behavior and relationships. The student must be willing to
examine and change ones behavior when it interferes with working with clients and other
professionals and must be able to work effectively with others in subordinate positions as
well as with those in authority.

Acceptance of Diversity
The social work student must appreciate the value of human diversity. The social work
student must serve in an appropriate manner all persons in need of assistance, regardless
of the persons age, class, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation (or lack thereof), gender,
ability, sexual orientation and value system.