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Written Executive Report Format 1 1-page Memo. The memo is to include: a. A TO: line which identifies who the report is written to. This may be to the board, staff, stakeholders, etc. b. A FROM: line to identify who is writing the report. This will always be the CEO of the company c. A RE: containing the SMART Statement related to the corporate or business strategy. Ensure the statement is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. For example: Cadbury Schweppes will follow a corporate strategy of retrenchment by through the divestment of its marginally profitable soft drink business and consolidating effort within the successful confectionary business to become the worlds largest confectioner by annual sales volume within 10 years. d. A brief summary of the strategic recommendation containing: i. The maintained or updated mission and vision ii. The strategic actions the company will take to implement the strategy iii. Persuasive arguments why the strategy will work including why the mission and vision is best for the company, how the strategy will serve evolving customer needs, why the strategy will enable the company to compete with industry competitors and why the strategy is feasible based on the company culture organizational structure, competencies, value chain, functional unit strengths and weaknesses 3. The Executive Report: a. Current Situation i. External Analysis ii. Internal Analysis b. Key Strategic Issues c. Strategy Recommendation d. Justification 4. Appendices. Each strategy framework is to be in its own appendix. If your strategic recommendation will result in a change within any of the frameworks, add an After version of the framework which documents the change. Assume competitors do not change their strategies after you change your strategy. Within the appendix of each framework, justify the analysis and cite your research. a. Stakeholder Priority Matrix / Stakeholder Map (Mandatory) b. PESTEL (Mandatory) c. Porters 5-Forces (Mandatory) d. Strategic Group Map (Mandatory) e. Porters Competitive Strategies Map (Mandatory) f. Industry Matrix (Key Success Factors) (Mandatory) g. Competency Analysis (VRIO) (Mandatory) h. McKinsey 7s (Bonus Marks) i. Porters Value Chain Analysis (Mandatory) j. BCG Growth-Share Matrix (Mandatory if relevant to your strategic recommendation) k. Detailed SWOT (Mandatory) l. External Factor Analysis Summary (Mandatory) m. Internal Factor Analysis Summary (Mandatory) n. Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix (Mandatory) o. TOWS Analysis (Mandatory) p. Business Canvas Model (Bonus Marks, only make for the state of the organization after the implementation of your strategic recommendation, not before) 5. Works Cited / End Notes. Use whatever citing style the University reaches or simple footnotes or endnotes. Cite all of the internal and external environmental analysis used in the report and appendices.