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Investigate factors affecting consumers’ purchase decision on solar panels in Australia’s residential sector

The aim of this research is to investigate and rank the critical factors influencing the adoption of solar panel in Australias residential industry. The main objectives of this research are detailed as follows; To review the factors affecting consumers buying decision of solar panels. This includes education factors, costs factors, availability factors and governments policies. To investigate consumer behavior in Australia and study the factors that can affect consumers in picking up solar panel in residential sector. To rank these factors and investigate the correlation of those factors to the participants demographic background, and conclude with possible strategies and solution to address the current issue. To investigate the strategies and solution to address the current issue based on my data collected from survey IMPORTANT: 1. I will provide one literature review that had been completed by me previously, i wish to keep some of the information as introduction part. I will highlight area i wish retain and to be inserted in this writing. 2. I will also provide journal articles i wish to include in my writing as part of the references and literature review discussion (I will upload them in word files). 3. Chicago 17th B referencing (in text referencing)