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Think about the 5 Is and agreements to share intelligence such as signals intelligence. -the role of the US in the world intelligence community (is the world becoming less polar and more like a multiplex?

You are to write an 8-10 paged paper (double -spaced), responding to the following questions: 1. The Future of Espionage In the future of American Espionage, IJIC 37: 387-396 2014, Joseph W. Wippl , a former intelligence officer, makes several controversial statements: Activity (process) will be more important than analysis (product) in the future: He argues that the future of Intelligence will be in covert activity, often carried out by the military, in order ot be less subject to oversight by Congress He argues that US intelligence (p. 389) will be of less utility to those from other nations, who often dont want US advice or analysis He argues that the friend-foe distinction will be less relevant He says that no region is unworthy of intelligence (p. 392) For this assignment, you are to read Wippl’s paper and then write a reponse or rejoinder to Wippl. Do you agree with him regarding: -the types of intelligence which will be most useful in the future -the ways in which our relations with our allies are likely to be will intelligence sharing be less important? Think about the 5 Is and agreements to share intelligence such as signals intelligence. -the role of the US in the world intelligence community (is the world becoming less polar and more like a multiplex? Will we lead or will we follow? Does the US and the US intelligence community still have a role to play in the world?) -the ways in which the intelligence community needs to rewrite its job description: What might that job description look like in the future? Make sure you respond to all questions and use appropriate footnotes and citations. You are encouraged to use subject headers.

Summarize the main ideas of two different texts

Summarize the main ideas of two different texts Synthesize texts from two different genres and identify connections between the works Establish common ground between the works in a discussion of the themes that bind them, including a clear thesis statement that communicates the perceived link between the works, that may also give some insight into the authors own personal opinion on the topic (He said, she said, I say) Provide some personal insight or observations on a given topic; consider how a text maybe relevant to ones own life or experience; consider what new angle or insight can be brought to an ongoing conversation Write a cohesive, coherent essay in Standard American English, free of distracting grammatical errors, that demonstrates logical organization and flow Rest are included in files

.Explain the pros and cons of the proposed health policy from the perspective of the patient, family, or community and its role in reducing the cost for health care insurers.

Write a 800 to 1,000 – word essay about the impact of regulation and policy. Choose a current health policy in the state of Arizona that is being considered as a legislative act. Go to the state government website and look at current health policy and consider issues that are being considered as law, such as cell phone use while driving, opioid use, marijuana use and distribution, use of e-cigarettes, or similar policies. 1.Explain the pros and cons of the proposed health policy from the perspective of the patient, family, or community and its role in reducing the cost for health care insurers. Look at the pros and cons of the issue and consider the impact on the stakeholders identified. 2.Explain the government’s impact on the cost of health care. Describe how the proposed law will be funded. 3.Explain what regulatory authority will implement or enforce this health care policy. Describe how the policy will be enforced and which agency in the state will be the one to take on this role. 4.Describe the differences between federal, state, and local health care regulatory responsibilities in the chosen health policy. Explain if this is a policy enacted at the federal, state and local level, or just at the state level and the varying responsibilities around health policy in these varying legislatures.

Write a character analysis of the main character (or one of the main characters) of the film you will be analyzing for your final paper. How was character developed?

Write a character analysis of the main character (or one of the main characters) of the film you will be analyzing for your final paper. How was character developed? (appearance, dialogue, etc.) **Discuss all relevant areas of characterization** Does the character have a foil? Is the character a static or developing character? WHY Is the character a flat or round character?

Critical Analysis and Reflection on Social Activism Leaders

Can pick any of the 3 books on the list for a social justice point of view critique. Answering according to the questions/criteria. This is a GRADUATE LEVEL PAPER, but I am unable to selected master from the tab. 1) Kidder, T. (2004). Mountains beyond mountains: The quest of Paul Farmer, a man who would cure the world. New York, NY: Random House. ISBN: 978-0812980554 2) Stevenson, B. (2014). Just Mercy. New York, NY: Spiegel & Grau, Penguin, Random House LLC. ISBN 978-0-8129-8496-5. 3) Wilson, C. (2019). The Master Plan: My journey form life in prison to a life of purpose. New York: G.P. Putnams Sons. [ISBN 978-0-735215580]

Describe the conflicts between existing federal and state policies.

Write an essay of 1,300 to 1,400 words on an approach to health care reform. Scenario: You will create a fictitious health care reform plan. Based on U.S. and international health care programs, consider what reforms you would implement. Include to the following points in your essay: 1. Describe the conflicts between existing federal and state policies. 2. Explain the Standard of Care Approach (nutrition, family support, spirituality) versus the current approach used. 3. Describe how this reform ensures public health preparedness. 4. Identify the percentage of the gross domestic product you would propose to be set aside for health care.

The 4th Amendment

Assignment Details The 4th Amendment The Fourth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States reads: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrant shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized. Write a 1,0501,400 word essay that addresses the following: Answer the following five questions: How does the 4th Amendment apply to police entry into a persons home? What is needed for police to obtain a warrant to search a home? Under what circumstances can police enter a private residence without one? Consider the following Scenario: A Case of Who did it? Mary Ellis, a widow who resides with her adult son William, awakens on a Saturday morning and goes to her walk-in closet, where she finds a man whom she recognizes as a neighbor, Clyde Stevens, lying on the floor unresponsive. Mrs. Ellis calls 911. Minutes later, police and EMS personnel arrive. Mr. Stevens is pronounced dead from an apparent stabbing, as he has a large butcher knife protruding from his back. Mrs. Ellis is transported to the hospital for observation, as she is quite distraught. Could police have entered Mary Elliss home legally without a warrant? To what extent, if any, could police legally gather evidence from the Ellis home without a warrant? Recommended resource: Mincey V. Arizona 437 U.S. 385 (1978) No. 77-5353. Retrieved from Format your work consistent with APA guidelines. Include a title and reference page. Cite a minimum of three reliable sources within the body of your paper using in-text citations where appropriate. Save your Essay in the following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn_Unit4_Assignment). Submit your Essay by selecting the Unit 4 Assignment in the Dropbox by the end of Unit 4.

Investigate factors affecting consumers’ purchase decision on solar panels in Australia’s residential sector

The aim of this research is to investigate and rank the critical factors influencing the adoption of solar panel in Australias residential industry. The main objectives of this research are detailed as follows; To review the factors affecting consumers buying decision of solar panels. This includes education factors, costs factors, availability factors and governments policies. To investigate consumer behavior in Australia and study the factors that can affect consumers in picking up solar panel in residential sector. To rank these factors and investigate the correlation of those factors to the participants demographic background, and conclude with possible strategies and solution to address the current issue. To investigate the strategies and solution to address the current issue based on my data collected from survey IMPORTANT: 1. I will provide one literature review that had been completed by me previously, i wish to keep some of the information as introduction part. I will highlight area i wish retain and to be inserted in this writing. 2. I will also provide journal articles i wish to include in my writing as part of the references and literature review discussion (I will upload them in word files). 3. Chicago 17th B referencing (in text referencing)

Canopy Growth

Written Executive Report Format 1 1-page Memo. The memo is to include: a. A TO: line which identifies who the report is written to. This may be to the board, staff, stakeholders, etc. b. A FROM: line to identify who is writing the report. This will always be the CEO of the company c. A RE: containing the SMART Statement related to the corporate or business strategy. Ensure the statement is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. For example: Cadbury Schweppes will follow a corporate strategy of retrenchment by through the divestment of its marginally profitable soft drink business and consolidating effort within the successful confectionary business to become the worlds largest confectioner by annual sales volume within 10 years. d. A brief summary of the strategic recommendation containing: i. The maintained or updated mission and vision ii. The strategic actions the company will take to implement the strategy iii. Persuasive arguments why the strategy will work including why the mission and vision is best for the company, how the strategy will serve evolving customer needs, why the strategy will enable the company to compete with industry competitors and why the strategy is feasible based on the company culture organizational structure, competencies, value chain, functional unit strengths and weaknesses 3. The Executive Report: a. Current Situation i. External Analysis ii. Internal Analysis b. Key Strategic Issues c. Strategy Recommendation d. Justification 4. Appendices. Each strategy framework is to be in its own appendix. If your strategic recommendation will result in a change within any of the frameworks, add an After version of the framework which documents the change. Assume competitors do not change their strategies after you change your strategy. Within the appendix of each framework, justify the analysis and cite your research. a. Stakeholder Priority Matrix / Stakeholder Map (Mandatory) b. PESTEL (Mandatory) c. Porters 5-Forces (Mandatory) d. Strategic Group Map (Mandatory) e. Porters Competitive Strategies Map (Mandatory) f. Industry Matrix (Key Success Factors) (Mandatory) g. Competency Analysis (VRIO) (Mandatory) h. McKinsey 7s (Bonus Marks) i. Porters Value Chain Analysis (Mandatory) j. BCG Growth-Share Matrix (Mandatory if relevant to your strategic recommendation) k. Detailed SWOT (Mandatory) l. External Factor Analysis Summary (Mandatory) m. Internal Factor Analysis Summary (Mandatory) n. Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix (Mandatory) o. TOWS Analysis (Mandatory) p. Business Canvas Model (Bonus Marks, only make for the state of the organization after the implementation of your strategic recommendation, not before) 5. Works Cited / End Notes. Use whatever citing style the University reaches or simple footnotes or endnotes. Cite all of the internal and external environmental analysis used in the report and appendices.

In-Country Value, case of Oman

Please see the attached files for research proposal and instructions file. please follow the provided instructions carefully. Appreciate to start working on this thesis as soon as possible to meat the required deadline and also to provide me with the first draft in 2-3 days. if you require any clarification please let me know.