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Decision Making in Higher Education

You will survey and report on the perceptions and issues with ethical decision-making in higher education. Colleges and universities are custodians of knowledge. Because the possession of knowledge is the source of powerunderstood here as the ability to influence decisions in contemporary societythese institutions are also the gateway to power, significantly affecting the quality of economic and social life throughout the world. Thus, insofar as colleges and universities create and disseminate knowledge within a particular society, they are institutions with moral responsibilities to maintain the well-being of that society. Be specific with your finding and recommendations for addressing this issue. Thing to remember when writing this essay: 1- Ethical decision-making is discussed as it relates colleges and universities being the custodians of knowledge. Moral dilemmas are supported with spiritual and scriptural references as well as the literature. The gateway of power because of this knowledge and social construct is further discussed. 2-Writing shows insight and understanding and is well documented with sources from literature. 3- Strong, interesting; clear beginning, middle, and end; strong thesis that is marked on submission. 4- Fresh/vivid; contributes to voice; third person is used consistently throughout; “to be” verbs are not used. 5 Five references