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The political and scientific impact of Apollo 11

Hello Its Callum here. In this task I’m theoretically writing a submission for a traveling exhibition titled “catalyst for change” It needs be 800 to 1000 words I’m writing about the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. My two topics are: the political impact of Apollo 11 the scientific impact of Apollo 11 The first page will be the title page (i can take care of most of this) the second will be the summary where you summarize what the investigation covers the third will be a table of contents that can link to each of the headings. (i can take care of this if need be) then comes the introduction which will have a topic sentence and introduce the reader to the investigation. after this is the meat of the report, the investigation, this is where most words will go. It will be structured much like the example provided . the first major investigation heading would be on the political significance of Apollo 11 under this will be 3 sub-headings each covering a different aspect of political significance. e.g. the cold war, space race, public support there must be a minimum of 3 in text references, ideally 4 The second major investigation heading would cover the scientific significance of Apollo 11 under this will also be 3 sub-headings each covering a different aspect of scientific significance. e.g. the Saturn 1 Heavy rocket, the live broadcast of the moon walk, scientific experimentation and sample collection. there must be a minimum of 3 in text references, ideally 4 the conclusion will then summarize what was stated in the investigation and leave a final impression. then comes the recommendations section, this is the fun part. As this report is a exhibit you need to suggest what the two topics will be displayed with, using one image for each and referencing them in the upcoming appendices (see the example report for reference) then comes the reference list the 6-8 sources you use will go here in Harvard referencing lastly the appendices display the 2 images (used for each topic), videos or info-graphics referred to in the recommendations section. And that’s it, I probably could of written the report in the time it took to write this all, so I hope its useful. I’ll upload my assignment task sheet and a example report (keep in mind the example was written to be within 1200 to 1500 words not 800 to 1000 in my case.) I will also upload a informative essay the report is loosely based on if that will help. also I can receive it at the latest around 1pm (Brisbane Queensland time) tomorrow on Wednesday. so please don’t feel you need to stay up well into the morning to get it done. If you have any queries please let me know, Thank you for your services.