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Early Globalization in the 1500s and 1700s.

Assignment: Write a thoughtful and well-written 1-2 pages (about 250-500 words) historical analysis using ONE (1) or more other websites–you choose and identify–for historical evidence. _______________________ Expectations: 1-2 pages (about 250-500 words) of clear and strong quality writing, definitely proofread!, using an appropriately chosen website to support your interpretation. _______________________ Topic: Early Globalization in the 1500s and 1700s. *****Write about an aspect, any aspect, of early globalization. If you’d like you could make this a review or offshoot of when of the readings this week or last week (but you don’t have to!). *********Remember: You must find, use, and identify an outside website as a source for your assignment–I want you to practice using outside sources–that isn’t this website or Wikipedia; choose something else. It should meet the following 3 criteria: ***1) The site lists sponsors that are associated with higher education and non-profit centers–nobody is looking for you to look at ads or click somewhere for revenue. ***2) The site identifies who created it and why so the intentions of the site are clear. ***3) Information is credited and sourced so you can find where it is coming from and you can potentially double-check the information yourself. _______________________ NOTE: *An informal citation using a webpage/artifact can appear in parentheses following your discussion of the artifact and looks like this: (Name the creator of the artifact if known, skip otherwise, first, Name the object, and if it is from a website use , finish with the date you accessed the page) Example: I’m being lazy so note “that History 3B’s Assignment 3 webpage contained an image that connected questions to ask regarding sources–including websites.” (Blake Johnson, “Week 3 Assignment,” HIST-3B-42539-F19 Accessed [put date here]). _______________________ Tips: You can (but don’t have to!) consider any of the following: What aspects of the world, or a specific people, changed after early globalization? What aspects didn’t? How/why did multiple aspects of identity (“intersectionality”)-such as religion, ethnicity/race, social class–play a role in shaping identities? (This would require more outside research but could become the basis for your Research Project 1 Assignment…just noting…) How would you compare early globalization with globalization today? How is it similar? How is it different? (Should we even treat these “globalizations” as the same thing?) If you’d like, you could put yourself into the early global world of the 1500s to 1700s and describe the experiences you imagine experiencing based upon the readings you’ve had in class and your own research.