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Historical perspective on the future

Historical Perspective on the Future In Unit 3, you were asked to view the motion picture, Gattaca, and discuss your thoughts on privacy in relation to the situations in the film. Gattaca presents a vision of the future of law, technology, and the workplace. Reflect on what you have learned about the historical relationship between power, legislation (statutory law), common law (cases), and the role of the human resource professional. Write a position paper on whether you think the future presented in the film is possible, and why or why not. Place the future depicted in the film into a historical context. Address the following elements in your assignment: Analyze the historical relationships between power, statutory and common law, and HRM. Analyze a future vision of the HRM profession, using a historical context. Does the future depicted in the film seem like a natural outgrowth or continuation of our history? Is it realistic or exaggerated? Propose an HRM approach for integrating ethical and legal considerations related to new or unregulated technology. Choose a position and argue it. Conduct research and use a number of resources, including scholarly journals, to support your position. Include in-text citations and a list of references, using APA formatting, at the end of your paper. This paper should be 23 pages in length. Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing.