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How is Hilton doing in determining their talent needs and bringing people in the door?

Hiring a new employee is a multi-million-dollar risk or opportunity. The decision of whether to have/keep a role needs to be a direct flow from the overall organizational strategy. A person who is a great fit for one organization may be a terrible fit for another. Candidates today are rarely looking for a career; they are looking for experiences. How is Hilton doing in determining their talent needs and bringing people in the door? PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to continue the research into Hilton by applying their practices to the first three pillars of people analytics success. Three Pillars 1. Workforce planning analytics 2. Sourcing analytics 3. Acquisition/hiring analytics PROCESS: Research Hilton people analytics practices. The initial Fortune article (2019 best places to work where Hilton was #1) may be helpful to you in preparing a two page view of how Hilton seems to be using people analytics. PRODUCT: Your paper should be organized to have headings like this: Intro paragraph Pillar: __________ Brief discussion of Pillar in General Pillar Practices within Selected Company My recommendations (what the organization should start or stop doing) [repeat for each of the next two Pillars] Summary paragraph As is fitting for this high-level, graduate course, it is expected that statements purporting to be facts have citations. It is also expected that reference material will include items not provided by the company you are studying. It is further expected that the paper will include a section of references/works cited. Use at at least 5 references or more.