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How would you summarize the main point of each piece?

FIRST, read “The Creativity Crisis” Newsweek article, published on July 10, 2010.

SECOND, watch the YouTube video below. This a presentation by Sir Ken Robinson delivered at the TED conference in 2006. The TED conference is a national, annual conference that brings together the best, brightest, most creative minds to share their thoughts, discoveries, innovations, etc. with the world. Robinson is a well-known and respected educational philosopher (did you know there was such a thing as an educational philosopher?).

Robinson speaks quickly with a British accent, so you may need to listen closely, and watch more than once.

TED Talk: Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity? (video)

THIRD, after you’ve read the Newsweek article and listened to Robinson, post a thoughtful response to the following questions below:

How would you summarize the main point of each piece?
What similar and different points do the pieces make?
What ideas in either piece do you agree/disagree with? Why?
Do you see any evidence in your everyday life, your academic major, or your career field that there really is a “creativity crisis” to be aware of?