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International business

The company name is Rio Tinto 1. For the company assigned to you, you have to do research by using their website, company annual reports and also any other information on valid media websites. 2. You have to write the details about the company in brief about what the company products are, what they offer, which locations it is operating, if they have any subsidiaries, what type of subsidiary they hold and so on… (but not more than 600 words) 3. Then you have to consider and explain any of the above activities such as location, products that may be impacted or affected by the events/happenings which are currently occurring in international business. (for example: if your company assigned to you is within UK / Europe, how will it be impacted by Brexit decisions and so on) 4. You have to identify and provide the growth of international business of the company over time. Here you have to use the ‘Progress model of Incremental Internationalisation’. For this you can refer to an example provided in slide 10 in attached PPT 5. Then you have provide useful information on how company currently improving its value chain globally and in which locations. 6. So, based on whatever you have identified on above point 3, you have to now provide recommendations on how the company’s operations should adjust to the situations. 7. Ensure you provide all proper and valid references