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Large-Scale Information System Project Plan

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a high-level project plan consisting of the planning and analysis phases in the systems development life cycle (SDLC). Using the corporate description you have been working with throughout the course ( which is uploaded) develop a project plan for the planning and analysis phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). For the planning phase, construct an Excel spreadsheet that lists all of the required activities. In a 1,250-1,500 word project plan, ensure the following details are provided for the respective SDLC phases. Phase 1: Planning Construct an Excel spreadsheet that lists all of the required activities. 1. Define the systems being implemented including all systems defined in the assignments from Topics 1-5. 2. Briefly identify the business and summarize the business services/products. 3. Define the emerging technology to be implemented. 4. Describe the SCM and CRM technologies being implemented. 5. List the IT Systems used with ERP. 6. List the database needs for effective analytic processing (databases, data warehouses, data marts, etc.). 7. Explain the systems needed for the B2B and B2C implementation (e.g., websites, transaction processing systems). 8. Explain the scope of the project including an overview of the various stages of implementation, and identify the outcome of this implementation (e.g., various information systems to support B2C, B2B, ERP, DSS). 9. Using the required activities outlined on the Excel spreadsheet, briefly explain what tasks need to be completed and who will accomplish the set tasks. Phase 2: Analysis 1. In the Topic 5 assignment, you created a rough draft of the e-commerce solution for your selected e-commerce model (I have uploaded) Using the specific feedback you received for your peers and instructor about the use of research in developing the plan, the writing style, and the clarity and quality of the plans in communicating the path to profitability to organizational stakeholders, revise the plan. Include the final revision of the e-commerce solution plan and incorporate responses to the peer and instructor notations, comments, and corrections. 2. Describe the business requirements that the implementation of the information systems must achieve by placing the requirements in bulleted statements that describe business and customer expectations. Each information system implementation (e.g., B2C, B2B, ERP, DSS, analytics, emerging technology) must have a minimum of two business requirements. 3. Provide a high-level order of priority for the identified business requirements. Order the business requirements from most important (required) to least important (i.e., if time and cost overruns occur, these requirements can be dropped). Executive Summary In one or two paragraphs, explain how this project will help the business do the following: 1. Achieve a competitive advantage. 2. Manage the five forces. 3. Support the run-grow-transform (RGT) framework direction of the business. 4. Meet customer needs (e.g., level of service, quality of product, improved experience).