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Southern Horrors by Ida B. Wells

Southern Horrors Essay Guidelines: Compose a 1000-1500 word essay that analyzes the book Ida B. Wells Southern Horrors from a historical perspective. You should consider questions such as: 1. What are the hidden truths behind lynching that Wells attempted to expose? 2. How did Wells writing transgress against both the racial and gender norms of her time? 3. Why do you think Wells writings would have provoked backlash throughout the South? Your essay should then conclude by stating what you believe to be the most significant thing about Wells story. This essay should be composed in a Microsoft Word .doc format, double-spaced and written in 12 pt. font. Note that the only source that you are allowed to use for this essay is your book, Southern Horrors by Ida B. Wells. You do not need a works cited page, however direct quotes and references from the book should be cited using parenthetically. For example: (Wells, pg. ##) or (White, et. al, pg. ##). Link to Ida B. Wells’ Southern Horrors: