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1 page 275 word minimum in-text cites, no quotes, include reference page This is not an official APA paper so no running head, title page. answer the following questions: What factors should be considered when dealing with decisions where the nurse and patient hold differing values? Provide an example of a personal practice situation. Give one example of a situation where patient empowerment might pose an ethical dilemma for you. If you feel a patient is making an unwise decision, how would you respond? Should there be limits on patient empowerment? Personal opinion. rubric attached use 2 references at least one from ethics book pdf attached ch. 18, 19, 20- at least one peer-reviewed reference from CINALH or PubMed less than five years old. I have attached additional references. Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing Read chapters 18, 19 and 20 Articles: Patient-Clinician Communication: Basic Principles and Applications Gluyas, H. (2015). Effective communication and teamwork promotes patient safety. Nursing Standard 29 (49), 50-57. Retrieved from