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Philosophy – Logic – Analytical Report – Critical Contribution for ‘Killer Robots’ or ‘Genetic Selection’

The Critical Contribution is an analytical report on a set of arguments you find on a specific topic. Your goal is to explain and analyse these arguments, using the techniques specific to “logic” in a scholarly philosophical context e.g. fallacies, truth tables, premises, deductive and inductive logic etc. Choose one of the two topics: Killer Robots or Genetic Selection. Find two discussions relating to your topic. These discussions could appear in academic journals or in opinion pieces online or in print. The discussions must be written by named authors (rather than anonymously) and the must be published through a recognized public platform (i.e., a news site, rather than a personal blog). Your analysis must focus on at least one key argument within each of those two discussions. You can analyse more than two arguments if you like, but remember that your analysis should be as thorough as possible: analysing two arguments very carefully is better than analysing four or five arguments very briefly. The discussions could present opposing views (i.e., for and against) or they could present different arguments for the same view its up to you to decide which arguments to choose. Finalise the report as a single PDF document including (i) your 1000 word report, (ii) copies of the two discussions you have analysed. Possible topics for Genetic Selection: We’re Already Designing Babies (The Atlantic) You’re Only Human, But Your Kids Could Be So Much More (WIRED) Designer Babies: An Ethical Horror Waiting to Happen? (The Guardian) Why the Case Against Designer Babies Falls Apart (The Conversation) Dont edit the human germ line (Nature) Killer Robots: You can most certainly choose other discussions from journal articles or news sites, these are just to give you an idea/discussions to utilise.