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What type of damages, if any, can Paula recover?

Please use the information presented in the course reading assignments to answer the questions and do not rely on outside sources. Please place your responses in a word document and save as last name, first initial (i.e. SmithJ), and post your document as an attachment in your assignment folder. Your document should be in essay format, error-free, graduate level composition (i.e. APA format should be followed, including cover sheet, abstract, citations and references). Please be sure to answer each question and cite the legal authority you are relying on to support your answer. PROBLEM: Paula recently began a new job as an executive assistant in a large corporation. She was assigned to work with David. Not long after she started work, David began to stop by her desk often, engaging her in long conversations about personal matters. Paula was alarmed by the situation, but said nothing. At the end of working hours one day, as all of their colleagues were heading home, David called Paula to into his office, told her to sit down, then began to tell her suggestive stories full of sexual innuendo. At one point, Paula got up to leave, but David moved between her and the door and said, No, sit down, I want you to hear this. Paula did so, thinking that she might get in trouble or lose her job if she did not do what her boss told her to do. David continued to talk for an hour before letting Paula leave. As she left his office, David patted her on the bottom and put his arms around her to hug her. Although she was very upset, Paula did not struggle or try to break free. Paula was so distressed by the incident that she did not go in to work the next morning. She telephoned Davids immediate superior, Anita, to complain about Davids behavior, and to ask for two weeks leave. The next evening, Paula received a telephone call from David, who said, What did you want to go and complain to Anita for? I was just being friendly just a friendly cuddle, thats all it was. And I tell you what, Ill carry on doing it as much as I want, so long as Im still your boss. Over the next few days, David made several more telephone calls to Paula, making comments to the same effect. Paula never returned to work for the corporation. She now wishes to sue David and the corporation. Based on the class reading assignments to date, please answer the following: 1. Name and define at least five torts that Paula can allege against David. Provide a detailed analysis of each tort. 2. Please identify Davids conduct for each tort. Provide a detailed analysis. 3. Name and define at least one tort claim that Paula can allege against the Corporation. 4. What type of damages, if any, can Paula recover?