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Promoting health Initiative

CDC-TV is just one of the innovative ways that the CDC relays health and safety information to the community through Public Service Announcements (PSAs). They also use other valuable tools such as social media, brochures, and press releases to promote their health initiatives and keep the community informed of any pending health crises. This week, you will create promotional materials for one of the health initiatives that you selected in the Discussion. To Prepare: You are the Chief Population Health Officer for an integrated health system. You were tasked by your system CEO to prepare promotional material for the systems Board of Directors. Select any population health initiative your community needs (Combating Obesity and Type 2 diabetes through Healthy Behaviors) where you reside and produce a PSA, marketing brochure, press release, or other promotional material explaining your selected initiative to your health system stakeholder group (Board of Directors, Senior Management, Community Partners, etc). Below are resources that you can review to help you prepare for this assignment: How to Create the Perfect Public Service Announcement: Minimum of 4 references